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We are registered with the National Register
Environmental Managers
- Lombardy Regional Section at n. MI40755 for the following activities:

Category 8 class A: brokerage and trade of hazardous and non-hazardous waste

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Category 4 class F: transport of non-hazardous waste

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Category 5 Class F: transport and collection of hazardous waste

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Category 1 Class F: transport and collection of urban waste

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WE ARE AUTHORIZED to build and operate a soil improver production plant for agriculture from differentiated organic fraction in the municipality of Piedimonte San Germano (FR).

Environmental Impact Assessment
Resolution 23 May 2016,
n. G05746

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Integrated Environmental Authorization
Resolution 02 May 2023,
n. G05828

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Our certifications:

UNI EN ISO 9001:2015

UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 

UNI ISO 45001:2018

Social responsibility: 
SA 8000:2014

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Certificate of excellence

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Iso 14001

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Iso 45001

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Iso 9001

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Validation of the environmental statement

Integrated management and operating system

We have equipped ourselves with an integrated management system consisting of management and operational tools that allow us to put company activities under control and positively influence our performance. According to Model 231 (Legislative Decree 231/2001) we have entrusted the correct management of company activities to an independent Supervisory Body through the definition of a complex set of protocols.

The Code of Ethics represents a platform of ethically relevant principles and behaviors whose observance for Ares is considered indispensable and decisive, as part of an effective crime risk prevention policy for the proper functioning, reliability and reputation of the Company.

The organization and management model allows us to ensure conditions of fairness and transparency in the conduct of business and company activities.

The adoption of the Code of Ethics is aimed at spreading the values of fairness, loyalty, integrity and transparency that must mark the actions and behaviors of those who work for Ares Ambiente.

The adoption of the Model constitutes an optional fulfillment that we believe is an awareness raising tool for all those who work in the name and on behalf of Ares, so that they follow correct and linear behavior in the performance of their activities.

Social responsibility

We are oriented to the continuous improvement of the performance of our organization, for this reason we submit ourselves to the verification of third parties who certify ours in compliance with the regulations and the ability to fully satisfy the requests and expectations of customers.

We wish to further improve the awareness and involvement in the environment and eco-sustainability of all internal and external operators in Ares (employees, suppliers, customers) and we want to guarantee outside (local community, control bodies, associations category) compliance with mandatory legislation on the subject and constant monitoring of performance and environmental impacts.



We are registered in the list of suppliers and workers not subject to attempted mafia infiltration of the prefecture of Bergamo for the transport and disposal of waste on behalf of third parties.

We obtained the maximum rating (3 stars) in the Legality Rating granted by the Competition and Market Authority (AGCM) in agreement with the Ministries of the Interior and of Justice, which recognizes awards to companies that operate according to the principles of legality, transparency and social responsibility.